Monday, March 12, 2012

Big fan of Lego Heroica

Walking past the games section of Target for the last few years, we
had seen the Lego Heroica games and wondered how good they are. For
the longest time if we were going to spend money on Lego sets, they
would be for the Star Wars or Bionicle figures. Recently my youngest
son has been sick and typical guilt-ridden parents that we are catered
to his every whim. When he asked for the Lego Heroica sets I
reluctantly gave in, still wondering how good could they be.

Well I have blown the dust off of my blog to tell you that the Lego
Heroica sets are fantastic. They are a very approachable way to get
your child interested in Role Playing Games. It is like a classic
dungeon crawl but with tiny Lego figures. The rules are very basic
and fun. I hope to post more about this later, but I'd say that if
you have kids and wanted to have a little Lego-RPG fun then you should
get these games.

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