Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Creative Commons License

I like freedom.  I think that freedom is the greatest thing ever.  I think work should be free for others to use and expand upon and competition is a good thing. In line with this belief, whatever content I release it will be under the Creative Commons "Attribution-Share Alike 3.0" license. 

This means that people may freely use my game system and expand upon it, as long as they attribute my work and allow their work to be shared as well.  Just as I can publish my work and make money from it, so can they -- as long as others can do the same.

My goal in creating this game system was not to become a wealthy RPG creator (there are so few of them).  No, knowing that I would do well to have a hobby that paid for itself, I would prefer my system and game be used than I maintain a strangle-hold on it.

So, from this moment forward any of the original ideas I present may be used in your own work, as long as you mention me and agree to maintain the same license.  Yay, Freedom!

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