Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cyberpunk Character: Annita Gonzales "Bogon"

Annita planned a career in Cosmetology.  She studied fashion, make-up and hairstyles constantly.  As she graduated high school her ambition had already gotten her a seat at a local stylist's shop.  The owner of the shop had offered to pay part of the tuition for her to attend the local beauty school.

Her plans were cut short when her youngest brother was arrested for robbing a high-end electronics store.  She had no doubt of her brother's innocence because the night in question he was at home very sick with allergies (the smog in the city was very hard on him).  Despite her testimony, he was convicted based entirely on facial recognition testimony from the security cameras used by the store and public security surveillance systems.

Annita was determined to prove her brother's innocence.  She began to experiment with the security systems in the beauty shop where she worked and was able to exploit issues with the facial recognition software using disguises, movements and even special tattoos.  As she was ready to bring her research to the attention of the authorities for an appeal of her brother's case, his health had failed and he eventually passed away in jail.

Annita then became dedicated to finding the real thieves who had robbed the store to bring them to justice.  She hopes that by penetrating the Underground and establishing a reputation for her skills of surveillance avoidance she will be able to gather the evidence needed to get the actual thieves arrested.

Now Annita goes by the name "Bogon" which comes from the name of network traffic which should not be there but is allowed to pass within a network anyhow.  She can hide in plain sight by avoiding video surveillance or quickly disguising herself.  Because of the prevalence of video surveillance, her skills are in high demand by both criminals and fugitives.  She will often help fugitives who remind her of her brother's plight of wrongful accusation.

Annita Gonzales "Bogon"
MP (Wisdom):       12 (Above Average)
MS (Intelligence):   14 (Genius)
ME (Willpower):     11 (Stubborn)
MI (Charisma):       10 (Average)
BP (Strength):         9 (Below Average)
BS (Dexterity):       11 (High Average)
BE (Endurance):      9 (Below Average)
BI (Beauty):           12 (Pretty)

Cosmetics (MS)+4
Hair Styling (MS)+2
Tattoo (MS) +2
Video Surveillance Systems (MS) +5

Compelled to go into harm's way to avenge her brother: -10
Minor Criminal: -5
Compelled to help fugitives avoiding wrongful prosecution: -6


  1. Very cool concept. I take it you have been following: http://ahprojects.com/blog/122

    Nice to see a resurgence in cyberpunk among gamers of late.

  2. Thank you for the comment!

    I have not actually seen that link, but in a discussion of biometrics and full motion video analysis with some very knowledgeable people the idea of defeating "new" technology in such a way was brought up. Since facial recognition is so new, the idea of defeating it is even newer.

    I was thinking about it and what better background for such a "hacker" than cosmetology! Perhaps movie prop makeup would be best (latex noses and all)..

    thank you!


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