Monday, April 19, 2010

Cyberpunk Character: Larry

Larry was born in 1986, in 2032 he was 46. Back in 2008 Larry graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science.  In 2010 he got a job with the government and by the time 2017 rolled around, Larry was married with a son and happy.

In 2020 Larry took a job with the Department of Homeland Security and started work on "black" projects.  The demands of these classified projects and constant moves to seek promotions took their toll on his marriage and in 2025, at the age of 39 Larry had divorced and lost all custody of his son in a bitter court battle.  Larry became bitter and started drinking.  

About this time, the North American Union was formed and the government functions of the United States, Canada and Mexico merged.  The merge of functions impacted domestic Law Enforcement the most as the prior laws and agencies changed over to uniform laws.  These changes cost Larry the promotions he had been seeking. Larry's bitterness left him a drunk and a racist.  He blamed all his problems on "non-whites", but specifically on "Mexicans".  In 2030, Larry moved to a different job at a DHS data center in a position in "Mission 12", a classified DHS unit to track various US Citizens.  

Larry's job initially did not give him access to know why he was tracking these people.  He assumed they were enemies of the state of some sort and that his information was allowing their arrest.  After a year of work on a new version of the tracking system, Larry noticed in the local news two of his targets (a mother and daughter) had been found dead beside the interstate in a maintenance tunnel.  After a quick Google, Larry was surprised to learn that every one of his targets in the last year were either missing or dead and none had been published in any court documents.  While he could accept several of the targets had likely been "Mexican Gang members", not all of them could be criminals and therefore not all deserved to be dead.

Upon this search in Google, Larry's accesses were flagged and within a month he was placed on probationary leave.  He did receive a "Operating a Manual Vehicle Under the Influence" but Larry was convinced it had more to do with his discovery.  While on administrative leave Larry discovered a flaw in the tracking system which gave him access to tracking query targets in real time. 

Starting with just one person, Larry rescued the targets from arrest and potential murder at the hands of "Mission 12".  Now Larry is a target himself but will not stop until this shadowy police unit is disbanded and the targets are allowed to live in freedom.  He still dislikes "non-whites" and misses his family.  He knows if he every attempts contact with his son it will cost both of them their lives, so he refuses to admit his desire to find him.

MP (Wisdom):       10 (Average)
MS (Intelligence):   11 (Above Average)
ME (Willpower):     11 (Stubborn)
MI (Charisma):        8 (Below Average)
BP (Strength):         9 (Below Average)
BS (Dexterity):       10 (Average)
BE (Endurance):      9 (Below Average)
BI (Beauty):            8 (Below Average)

Government Computer Systems(MS) +14
Computer Vulnerability Exploitation(MS) +10
Government Contacts(MS) +6

Wanted Criminal (treason): -15
Compelled to help victims of "Mission 12" targeting: -5
Racist (toward "non-whites"): -3
Alcoholism: -3

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