Monday, January 31, 2011

Simplified RPG: Example Character Creation.

So this game is intended to be for kids. Now this is after RPG Kids and not intended to copy from the work of NewbieDM (  I encourage you to run out and buy RPG Kids (and save some money for my game when it is done).

This is an example of creating a character in the system.  The idea is to have the bare minimum elements to support standard combat in a RPG.  My RPG style includes much more use of skills than pure crunchy combat, but this game is supposed to be a gateway for a parent or reluctant RPG player to enjoy a game without fully becoming a nerd.

Example Character Creation:
As an example, there once was an adventurer named Yorik.  He was the orphaned farmhand in Berkshireby.  He tended the cows but dreamed of traveling to distant lands and becoming a famous adventurer.  Each day he would save his wages and practice fighting moves in the fields.  He grew stronger each summer until one day he decided to leave the farm in Berkshireby.  He had his life savings with him as he went to town and bought an old wooden buckler shield and a long knife.  With shield and knife in hand he was ready to see where the road would take him.
Yorik had started with a Move of 5, Attack of 0, and Defend of 0.  He rolled a 3 (1d6) in Character Points points to customize his character.  Yorik focused on fighting moves, he did not spend as much time working on his defensive moves or even getting much exercise.  Yorik moves 2 from Move and 1 from Defend to give him +3 in Attack and -1 Defend and 3 Move.
Yorik bought the wooden shield and knife with the 3 cp.  The shield gives him +2 Defend.  The knife might be nearly a sword, but it is old and dull.  The knife has a D of 1.  His character sheet looks like this:

Name: Yorik the farmhand of Berkshireby Description: Tall, red hair and freckles. Likes to tell stories which start with "One time there was this cow.."
Attack:  +3 Current:  +3
Defend:  -1 Current:  +1
Move:  3 Current:  3

Wooden Buckler Shield: +2 Defend
Long knife:  D:1

As you can tell, the characters are very, very underpowered.  This is so that even someone min/maxing a starting character, they still can have a fun time playing the game.

I have most of the rules in place at this point and actually am working on getting art for the game.  Once I have the art and layout finalized I hope to make a PDF and post it here.

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