Monday, February 7, 2011

The big game on sunday: Battletech

So, my oldest son and his friends have discovered Warhammer 40k.  I have dished out a lot more money than I care to think about to support his 40k habit.  He has an army of Dark Eldar which I have helped him assemble and paint.  I am glad for him to have a hobby that involves real people over his previous addiction to Modern Warfare on the XBox.

The problem is that the younger kids would like to relate to their big brother and want to bond with him over his new game.  The costs involved with the prospect of my youngest getting an army of Tau and my daughter to start buying Chaos Marines is more than my bank account can bear at this moment.

So I offered them an alternative, BattleTech.  I have an old basic set from 1993 in the basement.  We blew off the dust and started playing.  When the superbowl was on in the other room my youngest said "I don't even like football, those people could get hurt." and kept playing.

Now I have to track down where to buy the miniatures and hope they are less than Warhammer.

Did you have any alternative plans over superbowl weekend? 

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  1. "Now I have to track down where to buy the miniatures and hope they are less than Warhammer."

    They aren't exactly the best miniatures around, but this is a good place to start if you can wait for the 2011 Q1 release.


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