Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Cyborg" infected with computer virus infects computer


Here is the gist, a man with a RFID chip infected with a computer virus scanned the RFID chip with a computer and infected the computer with the virus.

I hope you are thinking "so what?".  I hope are thinking "why?"  The idea that media can contain malware which can infect other systems when opened should come as no surprise to most computer users.

In the world of Cyberpunk (as I am working on the contest, but know I will not meet the deadline unless there is some miracle) malware would be a threat for all systems.  In my game there is a big lack of implanted Cybernetics.  In 30 years I think the idea of implanting a dirty machine should be thought of as crude and primitive (like a hook for a hand or peg leg).  In a world where tissue can be cloned and grown I don't think there will be a need for hearing aids, pace makers and other common cybernetics we see every day.  

But an idea remains.  Scientists recently created artificial life (here ) -- as much as the guy from the above article is a cyborg.  The idea of manipulating or programming DNA as you might software is the roots of genetic engineering.  A custom virus used to insert DNA to correct a genetic disorder might cause harm to another person.  It might mutate or be fused with another disease in an unexpected way.  As this branch of medical science progresses there will be points in time where scientists will have to choose between their Boss' desire to make money and their ethical responsibilities.  My current view of doctors and where medicine is headed in general, I am sure there is some sloppy guy about to enter medical school today who will make the wrong decision in time to mess up life in the year 2032...

what do you think?

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