Thursday, May 6, 2010

Detriments (I hate coming up with names for stuff)

What I hate most about my sick need to make a RPG of my own is coming up with names for stuff.  When I look at other games I think to myself "Oh, there is a good name for something."  But then immediately feel self-conscious about plagiarism.

This is not healthy because I am drawn to games, especially homebrew games (I am really liking where StarGazer is taking Gears -- ).  But when I look at them it is like I have seen something which I can not un-see and therefore am aware of "copying".

There are so many things you can call a spade (Shovel.. ah, spade.. digging-stick?), so it should not be a surprise to use a name for a mechanic in a game the same name as another game.

In "the Counting Game" (yep, still keeping with that name), you have abilities which are worth character creation points.  The good ones that help you cost points and the bad ones give you points.  I'd call the ones that cost points "abilities" but have been on the fence as what to call the ones that give you points back.  The opposite of an ability is a disability, but it would not be politically correct or sensitive to use "disability", right?

Then that makes me say "Disadvantage" and then ability becomes "Advantage".  If you are a GURPS player, you see that that is a term they use.  I don't like that, I'd rather steal from a more obscure source.  So I have been thinking of calling them "Detriments"..

Yeah, I hate coming up with names for stuff.. I stink at it...

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