Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gaming this last weekend with my kids..

My wife went out of town this last weekend and I had the kids.  We watched "Iron Giant", "Princess Bride" and the older one and I watched "Dune".  We also had a chance to play a very short game of "Fair Use Space Opera" similar to a unrelated Space Opera with the initials of "S.W."

The game was a big hit with my 7 year old.  He was instantly fascinated by the idea of numbers on paper to simulate the world and dice to decide how things work out.  He was very excited and we had a great time.  His brutish "Space Trooper" had a hard time with pushing the correct buttons and natural 20s resulted in some exploding control panels.  Great comic fare for a 7 year old.

Character creation was interesting, he has a great grasp on mathematics but most of the process was verbal -- "Could your guy walk a tightrope without a net?"  His 7 year-old exuberance left him wanting to play the "Ultra" version where attributes normally on the scale of 1-20 were in the hundreds.  While this was possible, it is not really playable.

I look forward to playing again soon with them as each time it is a lot of fun.

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